The real cost of being a working mom

I have written several posts about the issues women are faced with when they decide to start a family. You can read my favorite posts about these issues here and here. For me it came down to time and money. For me to work full-time in an office (outside of the home), it means I … Continue reading The real cost of being a working mom

From office mom to stay at home mom: Planning my transition

If we haven’t had time to catch up lately, don’t worry! I have been busy too! In a nut shell, over the past four months, I have been positioning myself to leave my job of 8 years. I have worked in the field of research and analysis for more than a decade. I love the … Continue reading From office mom to stay at home mom: Planning my transition

One of my favorite hikes

This past weekend, the weather was near perfect! It was a slightly humid, sun filled, July afternoon. We drove to our favorite nature preserve with one of the few local waterfalls; Rennsealearville Falls. This is the cute little town where Andy Rooney grew up (remember him from CBS 60 minutes?). The preserve is also a research … Continue reading One of my favorite hikes

The working mother’s dilemma

Nine months of anticipation, weird food cravings, a body that morphs in ways you never imagined, and waiting to meet your newest child. No matter how we deliver our babies, we find ourselves in a whirlwind of emotion, a soup of hormones, and steeped in the love drug – oxytocin. Thank God we are, or … Continue reading The working mother’s dilemma

No “Special” Meals for Toddlers

Oh, those tiny humans of ours! We LOVE them sooooo much!  The day comes when you have meal planned and want to serve pasta with sauce for dinner, but your 2 years old wants "Mac & Cheese". And...hear comes the crying, full on tears of an upset two year old."I WANT MAC AND CHEESE, WHAAAAAAA". … Continue reading No “Special” Meals for Toddlers