And…we have a bird

For community service day at my daughters pre-school, the senior class helped the preschoolers build bird houses. Blue bird houses to be exact. The blue bird is the State bird for New York, so I see the learning happening here. The preschool kids painted their birdhouses inspired by Pablo Picasso's sunflowers. They came out amazing … Continue reading And…we have a bird

How I am using the art of Tokonoma

With the onset of lovely weather, I wanted to share a tradition I recently read about, Tokonoma. A tradition in the Japanese culture using what we in America would call an "alcove" in our home, to display things of beauty such as scrolls, flowers, art. The arrangement is generally changed daily to help rejuvenate/stimulate  the … Continue reading How I am using the art of Tokonoma

A Morning at Free Forest School

When I was a kid, we literally lived in the woods. Our little cabin was surrounded by trees, streams, and undeveloped land. Playing outside is what you did. Television was a special occasion. Cartoons were on Saturdays only (e.g. Saturday morning cartoons). There was no TV 'on demand'. There was no 'streaming', and I didn't … Continue reading A Morning at Free Forest School

Winter hiking with kids: 6 Tips and Tricks

Finally we have some temperatures warming here in the Northeast; 70 degrees on February 21st (not a good sign for global warming). It's been nice to see some sunshine and have more moderate temperatures for a bit. During this last weekend warm up (40 degrees! woo-whoo!) we took advantage of the semi-sunny February day by … Continue reading Winter hiking with kids: 6 Tips and Tricks

5 FREE things to do with kids today

Being Mrs. Mother Dirt, I am here to advocate that  the best things in life really are FREE. Entertaining Spending time with our children  does not have to be expensive.  In fact, it can be as easy as walking out your front door....literally. Here is a list of 5 things - for FREE- that you … Continue reading 5 FREE things to do with kids today